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Founded in 2005

Seasoned University Professor and researcher Dr. Reinhard Bruch founded All sun & Wind Energy Inc. to be a research firm which would foray into hybrid solar and renewable energy standalone-microgrid technology.  The firm produced a first major prototype solar and wind power generator system in 2007, which was tested at an outdoor Dayton, NV site owned by the company.  

Over the course of 2010, All Sun & Wind Energy became part of a wider consortium of small companies specializing in renewable and sustainable technology solutions. Today it is a privately-held firm developing advanced hardware and software solutions as a special subcontractor, with the possibility of future expansion into market products.

In 2011, hardware developer Kelly McKee, with aerospace and defense industry engineering experience, joined the staff as lead engineer and technical director, to research around-the-corner technical products to be produced for manufacture.

In the next leg of our journey, All Sun & Wind Energy will strive to produce its first products for in-the-field use.


Email      :
Address  :
3708 Lakeside Drive, Suite 100
                Reno, NV 89509   USA

Phone     : +1.775.384.3789

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